Discover Our Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Range

The quality of being suited to serve a purpose well. Our doors are so easy to use and very practical for every day use.Transform the way you interact with your home, by choosing to install a bi-fold door. Blend the outside with the inside, and enjoy the benefits it brings.


Security is one of our main concerns on door design, that is why the security and integrity of our doors have been tested to destruction in UKAS approved testing laboratories.During these tests our doors were hammered, rammed, pounded, pulled, pushed, lifted and crow barred by forces that equaled a 20 stone man trying to force entry. All our running gear is also fully encapsulated within the track so that the door cannot be lifted off its track. This makes it resistant to attack from potential intruders.



Weatherproofing is a main concern when it comes to door design. Most systems on the market are weather tight, with high performance rubber seals and brush seals. However, there are some systems that have little or no seals at all. One crude but easy test is to close a folding door onto a sheet of paper and try to pull the paper out. If it pulls out easily there is not a watertight compression on the seals.

Thermal Efficiency

All of our systems have been thermally simulated to indicate the true thermal value, helping you choose the right option for your property and helping you save money on your fuel bills.